Arizona DUI laws over the years have become significantly more draconian and sentencing for these crimes has become much more severe. The difference between a long haul in jail and a reasonable outcome could come down to the experience and skill of your attorney. FontesLaw is ready to lend our significant capacity to helping you achieve a positive outcome in your case.

DUI charges can seriously impact your life. They range in severity from fines and jail time to several years in prison. In the State of Arizona, DUI crimes are usually classified as misdemeanors, but could result in a felony conviction. Having a strong advocate like FontesLaw at your side is important and sometimes vital to the success of your criminal defense.

Suppressions issues are critical in the prosecution of DUI cases. FontesLaw is no stranger to this kind of litigation. Additionally, when there is a bad blood-draw, or when the fieldside sobriety tests are administered poorly, you need to have an attorney ready to challenge these important parts of the investigation.

A solid lawyer with experience can help you spot these and other issues which could help you beat that DUI charge. Timing can also be a critical factor, so don’t wait too long before contacting a strong advocate to fight for you. Contact FontesLaw right away.