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When the Government accuses you of a crime, you need more than just legal advice. You need a fighter in your corner with the years of experience necessary to make sure your rights are upheld. As Of Counsel to the DessaulesLawGroup, FontesLaw is uniquely equipped to fight for your rights.
Don’t settle for inexperience. You only have one shot to get it right.

FontesLaw utilizes its association with DessaulesLawGroup to support and maintain more complex criminal litigation in the White Collar and Fraud areas. Document crimes, Mortgage Fraud, Criminal Enterprises and even Student Loan Fraud can be far more complex than violent or drug crimes. FontesLaw uses its years of experience and extensive resources dealing with these major crimes in Federal and State Courts to maximize positive outcomes for our clients.

The Federal District Court for Arizona has jurisdiction over all Federal Crimes. From Indian Reservations to ATF investigations, from Postal Service cases to Forest Service violations, FontesLaw has seen and worked with almost every Federal law enforcement agency and understands the Federal System better than most. With courthouses in Phoenix, Tucson, Flagstaff and Prescott, the Federal District covers the whole State of Arizona.

Federal District Courts and Maricopa County Superior Courts handle Homicides, Kidnapping, Aggravated Assault, Aggravated DUI, Vehicular Manslaughter, Robbery, Sexual Assault, Arson and other serious crimes. Having an experienced felony defense attorney on your side to counter an overly-aggressive prosecution could mean the difference between maintaining your freedom or serving several years in prison.


Arizona DUI laws over the years have become significantly more draconian and sentencing for these crimes has become much more severe. The difference between a long haul in jail and a reasonable outcome could come down to the experience and skill of your attorney. FontesLaw is ready to lend our significant capacity to helping you achieve a positive outcome in your case.

State and Federal gun laws are complex and getting convicted of a firearms offense can have serious effects on your future right to bear arms. FontesLaw has extensive experience in State and Federal Courts dealing with firearms charges and will aggressively defend your Constitutional rights.

City Courts and Justice Courts handle Domestic Violence, Assault, Theft, and other Misdemeanor crimes. FontesLaw is ready to stand by your side and fight for your rights.

Law and order exist for the purpose of establishing justice and when they fail in this purpose they become the dangerously structured dams that block the flow of social progress.

Martin Luther King, Jr.


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FontesLaw provides non-Legal consulting services in the areas of Law Office Management, Small Business, Individual Professional Development, Public Profile Development, Political Enterprise, and Public Communication.
Take advantage of having a professional critical thinker in your corner when making business or public relations decisions has real value. Working through issues of significant importance to you can be easier and more effective with the right kind of guidance.


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The principal at FontesLaw is AdrianFontes. He earned his fundamental values growing-up on the US/Mexico border in Nogales, Arizona. The importance of family and community, that working-together spirit of the old Southwest, defines his willingness to fight for those around him.


When AdrianFontes enlisted in the United States Marine Corps, he knew that he might have to take a bullet in defense of our Constitution. As an Expert Rifleman, his marksmanship coaching helped many Marines hone their guncraft. As an advocate for your Constitutional Rights, Adrian always keeps in mind the time he spent in Uniform supporting and Defending our Nation.


In 1993 Adrian committed to his first and only wife a lifetime of love and support. Three kids later, he maintains a strong and loving relationship with his lifetime partner and best friend. Unusual in today’s landscape of casual relationships, his commitment to this promise is over two decades long, and going strong.


SummaCumLaude is a distinction earned through hard work and perseverance. Graduating from the Honors College at Arizona State, Adrian proved his mettle in the classroom while engaging in and supporting those activities which help to identify who he is.


Simple is as simple does, but the law is complex. Courtroom matters requiring a full analysis are better executed by those familiar with both sides of the aisle, and Adrian Fontes has seen that action. From the Denver DA’s Office to the Office of the Arizona Attorney General, Adrian Fontes has the experience to look at a criminal charges from different perspectives, bringing his experience to work for his clients.


Courtroom Warriors don’t make apologies for their zealous advocacy, and sometimes they get criticized for their fighting spirit. Adrian Fontes has that kind of reputation. He’s the one you want fighting on your side. His experience and know-how, coupled with his willingness to take-on the Government are what make him different from the rest. FontesLaw is a strong advocate for you both inside and outside the courtroom.


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